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From <>
Subject Re: TC33b1 Context path behavior: Is this a bug or by design?
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2001 07:30:03 GMT
Hi Randall,

I believe the behavior is correct - you have 2 contexts with the same
docbase ( one defined in a config file, one automatically ). They are
completely independent of each other ( you can look into work and you'll
see one work dir for each ). If you write a simple test servlet, you'll
see the 2 contexts have different ServletContext objects, and behave like
2 separate webapps.

The same thing would happen if you copy or do a (symbolic)link between 2
dirs in /webapps, or you add 2 app-XXX.xml files pointing to the same

BTW, thanks for investigating this :-)


On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Randall Parker wrote:

> I'm seeing two different paths as being accepted for pages in the same war file. I'm
> if the behavior I'm seeing is by design or a bug.
> I installed the struts-documentation.war file in webapps and restarted Tomcat 3.3 b1.
> expected I was able to access such URLs as:
> and
> summary.html#package_description
> So the leading /struts-documentation mapped to the corresponding war file.
> Then I decided to add to the /conf dir the following:
>    apps-struts-documentation.xml
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
> <webapps>
>     <!-- Setting special properties for /examples
>          ( as an example of overriding the defaults )
>       -->
>    <Context path="/strutsdoc"
>             docBase="webapps/struts-documentation"
>             debug="0"
> 	    reloadable="true" >
>               <SimpleRealm filename="conf/users/strutsdoc-users.xml" />
>               <LogSetter name="strutsdoc_tc.log" path="logs/strutsdoc.log" />
>               <LogSetter name="strutsdoc_servlet_log"
>                          path="logs/servlet_strutsdoc.log"
> 			 servletLogger="true"/>
>   </Context>
> </webapps>
> After stopping and restarting Tomcat I was then able (as expected) to access pages using
> the shorter /strutsdoc leading path. For instance:
> However, when I went back and tried the original:
>  that still worked. I even did Refresh and fired up a different brand of browser that
> previously visited either page to make sure the browser wasn't just loading the older
URL from
> cache.
> Well, I'd expect that when one defined the Context path in the xml file that that path
> _replace_ the default path named after the war file. Is that not the case? Is this normal
> behavior or incorrect behavior?

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