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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: TC4 base dir
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:20:23 GMT
On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

| > > > That's cool about the server.xml file, and you can do the individual
| > > > elements, as you said (logger, default valve's logger for access,
| > > > etc.) but what I'm wondering about is if there's anything analogous to
| > > > changing the entire base dir (not just apps, but entire thing a la
| > > > 3.x) ?
| > >
| > > The entire base directory is wherever the CATALINA_HOME environment
| > > variable says it is, if you have that defined already.	I have my
| > > CATALINA_HOME always set, so that I can have little scripts like
| > > "catstart" to start it on demand from whatever directory I'm in:
| > >
| > >   $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ start $@
| >
| > Ok my last try since I think I'm not being clear enough =)
| >
| > TC 3.x has this:
| >
| > <!--
| >     You can add a "home" attribute to represent the "base" for
| >     all relative paths. If none is set, the TOMCAT_HOME property
| >     will be used, and if not set "." will be used.
| >     webapps/, work/ and logs/ will be relative to this ( unless
| >     set explicitely to absolute paths ).
| > -->
| > <ContextManager debug="0" home="/home/rslifka/slifka-tomcat" showDebugInfo="
| > true">
| >
| > ...allowing me to use a single $TOMCAT_HOME/conf, /bin, etc. dir, but
| > many instances of /webapps, /work and /logs spread out wherever I
| > like.  If Catalina has this something similar, then I'd like to make
| > sure I document it in my "Running Multiple Instances" doc =)
| >
| > - r
| >
| >
| No, Tomcat 4 doesn't currently have a thing like "home" -- patches are
| welcome!  But, my point is you don't *need* "home" to accomplish the
| goals you have articulated:

In my setup I have a couple of developers which need their own instance of
Tomcat. It's very inconvenint that you _have_ to install tomcat at the
place where you want to run it, and thus cannot handle tomcat as just
another binary, which you just run with some options or env-vars set

And apparently it's just a few env-variables that isn't handled quite
correctly that messes up everything. I remeber that I managed to get it to
run with another server.xml file (or whatever it's called), but it
requeried some variable to be set to the install dir (CATALINA_HOME?). But
doing this made it scan the install-webapps dir, starting up all those
webapps that are bundled with the dist.

Basically, what it lacks is a distinct CATALINA_HOME, which points to
where it's installed (keeping with the naming of the JAVA_HOME variable?)
and a CATALINA_WORK or similar, where it's running. These two variables
are treated very inconsistent now, and have (as I remeber it) to point to
the same location to work properly.

This is such a banal feature that I cannot understand why it isn't
implemented. There have been others requesting this too! And I know your
answer, revolving around "scratch your own bleedin' itch!! ;)", but sadly
I currently don't have time to sit down and understand all that startup
stuff, no matter how much I'd like to do just that. I do actually believe
that folks that know the startup sequence of Tomcat4 could change this
behaviour in about 5 minutes.

I hope that this is _fixed_ before you go final.


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