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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Quick suggestion before the new beta tag
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:30:43 GMT
Sounds *very* similar to mine (original Win98, Sun JDK 1.3.0_02 although I
don't think that matters if it's not even executing the startup script

I've got the usual config.sys entry to increase environment variable

  shell=c:\ c:\ /e:4096 /p

but Tomcat 4 is *much* less sensitive to this than 3.x was.

Grumble grumble ... Win98 is also the reason for tonight's release in the
first place .. the stupid OS interprets "/....../" type paths as the same
as an equivalent number of "/../../.." entries (one level per extra dot
beyond the first two).


On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Christopher Cain wrote:

> Quoting "Craig R. McClanahan" <>:
> > By "the TC4 binary" do you mean the ZIP file or the new executable
> > (.exe file) that includes an installer?
> The zip.
> > The standard startup scripts work fine for me on my Win98 laptop ...
> > the "Catalina" thing is ignored and Tomcat starts just fine in a separate
> > window.  Further, I've heard lots of other people say they run Tomcat 4
> > on Win98, and no other complaints about this issue.  Maybe there is
> > something wierd about your configuration?
> Hmmm ... I don't do that much on this box, so there's nothing too out of the 
> ordinary. I'm running the Sun 1.3.0 JDK, and this is the original Win98 (not 
> SE) with all of the current security patches.
> My PATH is simply {jdk_dir}\bin, JAVA_HOME is {jdk_dir}, CLASSPATH simply has 
> rt.jar (for Jikes) catalina.jar, and servlet.jar (the TC4 one), and 
> I've rebooted just to make sure that the ENV variables get set globally. Other 
> than that, it's a pretty bare-bones install. I just assumed that it was a 
> standard DOS thing in Win98, but I guess I'm the only one seeing it. Is my 
> setup pretty much the same as yours? Very strange ...
> - Christopher

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