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From Loïc Lefèvre <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 08:50:34 GMT
[X] - +1 Remove the sources [I will help in the process, meaning do the job]
[ ] - +0 Remove the sources [I can't help, won't help]
[ ] - -0 Leave the sources [But since I don't volunteer this is not binding]
[ ] - -1 Are you nuts? Sources are there and there have to remain.

Comments: (required for -1)

Yes, I've changed my mind.
But I think, the first thing I would do when I'll look at the source,
(to understand what is done in terms of code, javadoc not clear some
is to unzip the .jar file then use jad to decompile the desired .class (as I
do for the JDK).
The students who don't have internet at home and must download it at school
for their "study-projects" could be interested to have the source too (not
return to school
and download another package)...

An other thing could be a more advanced interface to download the tomcat

Tomcat download:

  Version  [3.2.3  |v]           <--- a combo-box
  Package: (o) bin + source      <---
           ( ) bin               <--- some radio
           ( ) source            <--- buttons


and I will help in the process, meaning do the job, if one want ;)

Loïc Lefèvre

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