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From Loïc Lefèvre <>
Subject RE: Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:31:15 GMT
First, I'm very impressed that someone answer me in this
mailing-list (I mean DEV).

Christopher Cain wrote:
> Loïc Lefèvre wrote:
> >
> > In my mind, there is one argument to let the source code in the
> >
> >      "To enhance myself tomcat when nothing else can help you."
> That's what the source distribution is for :-)

I know ;), and that's good!

> > I (and I'm NOT alone) have encountered many problems using Tomcat and
> > thus there are good answers to good faqs, I had to resolve some
> I'm sorry to hear that your've encountered *many* problems with Tomcat.
> If by problems you mean bugs, I'd be interested in knowing which
> versions you've had difficulties with so that we can address the issues.

My version is: Tomcat 3.2.3 *final* downloaded the day it has been released.
(No previous, no milestone..., just the final one)

> Are we talking about previous milestones, or the more recent betas? Are
> we talking the 3.x branches or 4.0? I know I speak for all Tomcat
> developers when I say that we want to produce the finest server on the
> planet, and if people are having what they consider to be excessive
> problems, then we'd love to hear about it so that we can build a better
> product.

And I report my problems for these reasons!

> If you're talking instead about usage and configuration problems, then
> that's a documentation problem on our part. I know the docs are not what
> they could be, or even *should* be, but if you follow the dev list then
> you know that we are working on it. I think you'll see a vastly improved
> documentation bundle for both branches in the next few months. Just hang
> in there ;-)

Yes I've encoutered configuration problems, one week spent to finally see
that my WEB-INF directory (I developp under windows NT and test under linux)
were Web-inf in windows explorer but web-inf under DOS! So when deploying,
under linux (which is case sensitiv) nothing worked. I think a little
remark in the doc could help ;)

> > (and I've got some not resolved...)
> If you mean bugs, then I hope you're reporting them in Bugzilla, right?

Hemm no, here and in user mailing-list, I don't know the process to report
on Bugzilla nor have the time (for now, I have to migrate from JServ to
and I've already spent two weeks...).

In fact, I've been on the bug report page (tomcat one) but found the web
very complex (I'm french and a "" could be great ;))

The last bug I have is about cookies, I've got 4 pictures describing the
I receive and send under Apache JServ and Tomcat and strangely:

- Under JServ:
  - I receive cookies
  - I can send these cookies

- Under Tomcat:
  - I receive 2 cookies (header Set-Cookie + Set-Cookie2)
  - I (my browser, IE 5.0) don't send any cookie.
    Session tracking doesn't work :((((((((((((((((((((((((((.............

If you want, I can send you these pictures to see by yourself.
Is that a bug (Tomcat don't write correctly the cookies) or a configuration
(IE doesn't support Set-Cookie2? and I have to upgrade to 5.5 or 6beta) I
don't know.


Thanks for the url :)

> > and without the sources I would not have choose Tomcat...
> > Consider I'm a developper responsible of the migration from Apache JServ
> > to Tomcat, there are 9 other people who will hear about tomcat... so now
> > Imagine:
> >
> > me  -> 9
> > 10  -> 90
> > 100 -> 900!!!
> >
> > and I work in a little enterprise!
> > So think about it...
> I don't think you'll get any arguments here, on an Open Source developer
> list, about the importance of having the source code available. I just
> don't think that anyone is well-served by having the source code crammed
> down their throats. Some people believe in Open Source, and they like
> the fact that it is available for review if something should arise, but
> they aren't necessarily interested in having it forced on them. If they
> chose to downloaded the binary release, with the link to the source
> release right beside it, then they obviously didn't necessarily want the
> source code at this time. If they want to at any future time, there's
> little chance they don't know where it can be had. I just think it's
> rude to include the entire source tree when someone explicitly chose the
> binaries, since they obviously had their reasons from not clicking on
> the source link.

I agree but I thought about advertisment here and the more people would be
informed about Tomcat Open source devloppment the more there will be
to work... if for these 900 people, 10 decide to join the jakarta project,
I think it's better than nothing ;)

> In any case, I'm glad to hear that you recommend Tomcat, and I hope that
> you'll see most of your problems resolved in the coming months. With a
> vastly improved documenatation bundle, and with both trees closing in on
> an official release, I think the future looks bright indeed!
> Regards,
> Christopher

I think the future is brighter than you say...

Regards too,

Loïc Lefèvre

note: The problem I resolved were (I don't know...) RedirectMatch rule under
1.3.12 + mod_rewrite module, you can look at:

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