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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: Extending Server.xml configurability (foradditionalclasspaths)
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 00:11:35 GMT
> Actually, I want to do this within my webapp. I was thinking of
> providing an
> init-param to a class that gets loaded on startup, that then installs its
> own classloader based on that init-param (which would be a path
> or series of
> paths to search for classes).

Writing your OWN classloader?  Ugh...  you're going to kill portability,
because every time your app is used on a different container, you're going
to have to do the same thing.  All for something that Tomcat already gives
you, just not in the *exact* way you want?  You're either a very fast
programmer, or you have a lot of free time ;)

My personal opinion - don't bother.  It's not a stumbling block.  Working
with Ant for 10-15 minutes will solve your 'problem' ;) for eternity,
whereas hours/days working with the TC source will only solve your problem
for Tomcat until it changes.

- r

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