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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 11:18:54 GMT
> Almost every user download only the binaries. Having the sources
> inside means bringing more developers to the Tomcat project, just
> because it will be easier to take a look at the sources (since it
> is already installed in their tomcat dir). The more you look at
> the sources, the more you are likely to be involved.

I'm not so sure... I've been using Tomcat personally, have pimped it to my
friends since summer 2k who now use it, and on-the-job (at two companies)
since the beginning of this year.  Not once has someone brought up the src
directory.  "Oh look, there's the source code..."  It's *usually* "Why is
the src in the Tomcat distro?  I thought I downloaded the binary."

> The sources are only about 2MB and 1 directory. It is anything
> but a mess on the harddisk. Furthermore it is the exact sources
> for the particular binary the user has, not some more recent or
> older sources.

Along with all of the *.bat and unnecessary conf files for my configuration,
I delete the src directory.  It's like having all methods return an int and
marking the return value "reserved for future use".  If there's no reason to
have a file in my production environment (within reason), don't put it in,
irrespective of the amount of space it takes up or whether or not I might
use it in the future (e.g. previous int example).

Lets say that 100,000 people download Tomcat in August.  That's 200,000MB of
wasted bandwidth.  Someone is footing the bill for that, IMHO

- r

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