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From "Reilly, John" <>
Subject RE: Addition of 'dirty' field to Session interface
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 18:18:34 GMT

> For permanent business objects, that is probably true ... but the use
> cases we'd like to be able to deal with include:
> * Load-balanced distributed container that can move sessions around
>   as various servers get overloaded.
> * Fail-safe distributed container that automatically recovers from
>   server failures and reconnects you to a different one with your
>   session intact.
> without the application developer having to worry about this 
> for his/her
> session beans.  The first case isn't so hard -- the only time 
> you have to
> persist is when you are going to migrate, so you would just do it
> unconditinally.  The second case is harder, unless you can afford the
> performance hit of persisting after *every* request.
> I don't think there's a single policy that will cover all 
> reasonable use
> cases, so configurable selection of different policies is likely to be
> useful.

I've been interested in getting my teeth into this problem for a while but I
didn't have the time .... I may get a chance the near future though.


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