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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject mod_jk is great : WAS: Is anyone working on iPlanet integration?
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:54:54 GMT
> Craig wrote :
>Of course, Costin neglects to mention that, approximately a year ago,
>there were exactly zero Tomcat committers that understook mod_jk at all --
>and that it took some heroic efforts on the part of many folks who came
>along later (to whom the entire Tomcat community is grateful!!!) to get
>mod_jk to the point where it could be understood and maintained.

I was allready working on mod_jk, one year ago, code revue, fixes and 
understanding of internals. If someone like me, which could spend no more 
than 5/6 hour by weeks, could learn mod_jk, I'm sure that OpenSource 
professionals could master that piece of code in days.

I'm working on mod_jk, when time permit, and will continue on ajp14 and 
autoconf even if now the remaining parts are mainly java code to be

mod_jk is really a great piece of code with its workers concept 
and abstraction of web-server hosting it. 

Gal does an amazing works and it's design is still valid and efficient
today. And that design is usable on just ALL web-servers available todays,

It's really sad to not choose it to handle webapp protocol 
(originally called ajp20) and so having to reinvent the wheel. 

But maybe somedays a contributor will add webapp protocol support
to mod_jk and will close the discussion ;)

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