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From Rick Mann <>
Subject Re: Extending Server.xml configurability (foradditionalclasspaths)
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 23:54:17 GMT
on 8/29/01 4:39 PM, Rob S. at wrote:

> You're talking about a source-level modification, right?  In the
> org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina (i *think*) there's the initial
> creation of the non web-app classloaders.  A good place to start looking at
> per-app class loaders is probably in whatever iterates through the <Context>
> elements in server.xml.  Not too helpful w/out a class tho', sry =/

Actually, I want to do this within my webapp. I was thinking of providing an
init-param to a class that gets loaded on startup, that then installs its
own classloader based on that init-param (which would be a path or series of
paths to search for classes).

This requires me to be able to install, from within my webapp, a class
loader that will get used by everyone else. I don't know if that's possible
(sure seems like a security risk).

> Yep, one way could be as children of each <Context> element, because of the
> encapsulation of <Contexts> by <Host> elements, it would be messy to have
> something global where you specify paths since you can have the same
> <Context> path over multiple <Host>S refer to something different.
> <Context path="/foo"...>
>  <classpath>...</classpath>
> </Content>

That's exactly what I was proposing. I understand the reluctance to do so,
however perhaps the "almost-complete" 2.3 could be modified (yeah, right) to
say that servers should provide a way to extend the class search path.

Anyway, this is what I'd like. Perhaps it won't get included into the source
base, but maybe I can write it up fairly easily for my version.


Roderick Mann               rmann @

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