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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 11:13:04 GMT
Loïc Lefèvre at wrote:
>> Don't even think about a select-choose-submit interface. I swear I'm going
>> to get angry if I see something like it.
> Well perhaps but remember... DOS -> Windows, bash -> KDE...

Perhaps you don't know what we want and we don't want to have on our

To process one form USUALLY what you need is a script on the server (perl,
servlet, script whatever), not YOU go down and talk to root (Brian), and
tell him to install a script to process a form for downloading Tomcat, and,
(since Brian is way more polite than I am) you won't get flamed, but for
sure it's not going to fly.

Second of all, the script, its configuration or SOMETHING must be changed
every time you roll a release (so, instead of having already to modify a
bazillion of pages - but that's easy thanks to Jon), I also have to modify a
script configuration, to which I probably don't have access to (for good
reasons Brian is paranoid about security - since we were hacked twice in the
last 3 years - and I'm 100% with him). So, every now and then, someone ELSE
needs to do that job for you.

Unless you don't want to have your script to walk a tree and figure it all
out by itself, but if someone changes something in the layout, you're

Then, what, are we asking our mirrors to turn on script execution? Nobody
ever thinks that our sites are being mirrored all around the planet, and a
change (such as enabling a script, or using a template language, needs to be
done my 50+ hosts around the globe, 90% of which are unmaintained since
they're only mirrors! :). Like, if my process form is in perl, am I sure
that all mirrors have perl installed?

Other option would be to use JavaScript on the client side, and I bet you to
find a fan of that approach on this mailing list.

Evolution (DOS->WINDOWS, BASH->KDE) might be easy when one individual is
involved, (look, both the examples you made are client-side environments),
but when a change involves several hundreds of them, I'd rather _THINK_


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