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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject [VOTE] Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 20:23:24 GMT
Christopher Cain at wrote:

> This whole trip is buggin'. I don't personally think it makes logical
> sense to have source in a binary, but I'm not exactly losing sleep over
> it either. I agree with Pier. So Pier, if you would *please* do the
> offical [VOTE] honors with the cute little ballot thingy ...

Me? WTF! :) Ok, will do...

REMEMBER, your vote is useless unless you are a committer on the
jakarta-tomcat project... Those people ARE the following, all at
If you're not mentioned here... Pointless to vote...

duncan jon stefano pier costin rubys akv jhunter preston shemnon shachor
bergsten gonzo mode harishp arun craigmcc jluc nacho ariedel horwat remm ed
alex gaburici jiricka pierred glenn larryi arieh hgomez marcsaeg danmil shai
keith kief melaquias amyroh mbraden clucas bip seguin jfclere mmanders andya

REMEMBER: if you vote +1, you take on the responsibility to _DO_ the job,
so, if you voted +1 it's pointless to complain if things don't get done,
since YOU have to do it.

[ ] - +1 Remove the sources [I will help in the process, meaning do the job]
[ ] - +0 Remove the sources [I can't help, won't help]
[ ] - -0 Leave the sources [But since I don't volunteer this is not binding]
[ ] - -1 Are you nuts? Sources are there and there have to remain.

Comments: (required for -1)


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