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From Christopher Cain <>
Subject Quick suggestion before the new beta tag
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 02:56:04 GMT
To do my connector testing, I just installed the TC4 binary on a Win98 machine 
(don't laugh :-)

Anyway, not being very DOS/Win knowledgable, it took me a few minutes to figure 
out a slight problem with the Windoze startup logic that was causing it to 
simply spit out "bad command or filename". DOS under Win98 does not like the:

start "Catalina"

.. bit, which I assume is what throws the new window under NT. Anyway, I 
eventually figured out to run catalina.bat with "run" instead of "start" so 
that it didn't use that prefix. How about a REM line in startup.bat that just 
lets users know to replace the "start" param to "run" under Win9x? A file 
comment should be a reasonably safe change to make just before a tag-n-
release ... then again, it is Windoze =)

- Christopher

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