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From Anand B N <>
Subject Tomcat 4 problems accessing Deployer reference
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2001 06:16:41 GMT

I'm stuck with my "Classes" problem in tomcat 4.

As I mentioned earlier the whole thing works fine in a IDE environment like 
JBuilder but when I make them jars and put them in a standalone Tomcat 4 
envrn it doesn't work.

Here's what I am doing:-

I have a JSP that invokes a method in a JavaBean which in turn contacts a 
Singleton class to get handles on Deployer  object to get all available 
contexts. Here's the code snippet:-

       1.Context context;
       2.Deployer deployer = TomcatManager.getSharedInstance().getDeployer();
       3. System.out.println(deployer);
       4. String contextPaths[] = deployer.findDeployedApps();
       5. casInstanceList = new Array();
       6. response = new ResponseObject();
       7.  for (int i = 0; i < contextPaths.length; i++) {
       8.   context = 
       9.   casInstanceList.add(context);
       10. }

Here TomcatManager get's initialized by a Servlet[which  implements the 
ContainerServlet interface] on startup.

Sequence of Events:-
On startup
1. Servlet intializes and set's the reference of Tomcat Maanger's Deployer 
and other objects

 From the webapp -
2. JSP is called and it invokes a JavaBean that invokes method on 
TomcatManager to obtain the Deployer reference
3. deployer.finDeployedApps() and now the expcetion is thrown.

As I told earlier I tried the following:-

1. Since my Javabean uses Deployer and Context classes I put them also in 
common/classes aprt from them being a part of catalina.jar. I get a linkage 
error("loader constraints violated")

2. I remove these and it says "class not found"

That's the whole picture and I'm not sure if I'm getting the solution as 
mentioned but Craig earlier.



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