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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: mod_jk 1.2.0 (CVS) + TC 3.3 B1
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 03:26:20 GMT
> GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> > mod_jk in JTC is an evolution of mod_jk in CVS. Some refactoring
> > was done to share code between ajp13 and ajp14.
> >
> > >If this is not a known thing, I can send some more data...
> >
> > Yes, please, strace could help in that case.
> OK. I'll run up a few examples and send you the strace.

I think this problem has to do with sessions.

The first page I used for testing is a product catalogue and is tied up
to a session. Basically you select a category of the products that you'd
like to see and then the filtered out selection of products gets
displayed when you submit. Then you further narrow your search and so
on. This is a JSP page with beans of session scope - they actually store
what you selected last.

The other test page is an ordering system and is also session based, but
this is a Velocity page, driven by one of my own servlets that keeps
track of bean scope.

This is the scenario:

- open one browser and load the page
- enter/select information on the page and submit (repeat this often in
different browsers)
- randomly, you might get parameters back on the page or you might get a
blank page, or you might even get parameters submitted by a totally
different browser (ie. from a DIFFERENT SESSION!)
- switching between accepting and rejecting cookies in the browsers
doesn't make any difference
- even with <SessionId cookiesFirst="false" noCookies="true" /> in
server.xml it doesn't work (ie. this relies purely on URL rewriting,
which I always do in my code and the browser shows the rewritten URL)

I'm sending you (directly to your e-mail address) two strace log files,
first with cookies, second without cookies - but the results in the
browser are identical. For some reason sessions don't quite make it back
to Tomcat.

Both applications work perfectly with Tomcat TC 3.3 B1 + mod_jk shipped
with it.

Rather then use old code, I've downloaded and compiled the latest Tomcat
3.3 CVS snapshot. There is no point debugging old code.

Let me know if there's anything else you need (or where can I look) to
help fix this.


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