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From Adam Fowler <>
Subject Re: Tomcat-Users mailing list...
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2001 14:56:19 GMT
Hi Pier and all,

FYI I fully intend to setup new and improved mod_jk support pages when I 
get my new domain 8o)

I will also put links as to other sources of information and tell the 
users visiting the site about good practice (IE looking up in archives 
before posting etc.)

I have built a modest repository of builds in the last few 
months. I intend to go all out in getting builds for other platforms.

As I am also part of the TomcatBook Project 
( I will also be including tonnes of 
information on my site about mod_jk building/installation etc.

I am responsible for the Tomcat 4.0 part of the documentation on the 
Project so will also have resources up for that.

I will post a *huge* message when its complete and rolled out. In the 
meantime if anyone has a rare build of mod_jk (AIX, HP-UX etc.) could 
they please send me the information as to what versions of the software 
they have are relevant:-

1) Tomcat version (as the mod_jk source is released along with the 
tomcat source)
2) Apache version
3) OS name and version
4) special information (E.g. ssl enabled) and installation problems
5) Author name would be nice.

Build scripts for platforms that haven't got a script in the source 
directories would be excellent too, as would information on what 
platforms the available scripts do work on.

I hope this will help reduce the load of questions on this topic.


Pier P. Fumagalli wrote:

> Folks... We need someone from the Tomcat 3.x developers to monitor and
> answer questions on the tomcat-user mailing list.
> There are tons of questions related to mod_jk, tons of questions related to
> bugs that seem to be fixed in bugzilla but are constantly reappearing in
> later builds.
> I and Craig (thank god he exists) are answering some of them, but at least
> in my case I don't have enough knowledge of the codebase to see whether some
> of them are real bugs or just something that users are doing wrong...
> Just a FYI...
>     Pier

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