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From Christopher Cain <>
Subject Re: Problem (or is it?) building new TC4 beta
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:09:59 GMT

"Rob S." wrote:
> !  My mistake =)  I meant my file.


Oh ... I thought we were talking a .bat file that called various Ant
targets, maybe with some custom workarounds for any 98-specific issues
you have run into.

I see now that you're probably talking about a sample
file that contains all of the necessary property defines. Amy actually
whipped up a "" file that's included with the new
distro; so now you can just pull that up, change the necessary paths,
and then save it as "". VERY handy btw, Amy ...
otherwise I'm sure I would have spent an evening trying get it right,
just like poor Rob before this new distro =)

Thanks for the offer though, my man!

- Christopher

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