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From Thomas Riemer <>
Subject response.encodeURL
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 19:34:50 GMT
I've run into what I think is a bug on HttpServletResponse.encodeURL.

I've setup tomcat so that it turns OFF cookies.

And I have my login working nicely with jsessionid, etc.

Here's the problem:

I am trying to pass a parameter to my url using a get post.

<A HREF="<% 
%>Customer 1</A>

What is returned to the browser is:

This seems wrong to me!!!
In my brain, I am expecting:

(In other words, sessionid tacked onto the end of the url)
The server does not know how to handle this URL correctly.

I'm using tomcat 3.3 m4

Am I simply missing a concept?  My guess is that this problem has not 
showed up because no
one has tried to use session handling with GET posts without cookies 
turned on.

Anyone have any comments/fixes on this?   Does anyone know if this has 
been fixed in a later release?


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