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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: Sources in Binary Distributions
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 11:03:25 GMT
Fabien Le Floc'h wrote:
> As a tomcat user, I am not so enthousiast about your idea of removing the sources from
the binaries.
> Almost every user download only the binaries. Having the sources inside means bringing
more developers to the Tomcat project, just because it will be easier to take a look at the
sources (since it is already installed in their tomcat dir). The more you look at the sources,
the more you are likely to be involved.
> The sources are only about 2MB and 1 directory. It is anything but a mess on the harddisk.
Furthermore it is the exact sources for the particular binary the user has, not some more
recent or older sources.

I'm not sure I agree with forcing the user to take the source as some
sort of evangelical device, but this last point is well made I think.
I've encountered more than one case of someone new to Tomcat in
particular and Open Source in general being confused about the
relationship between the source and binary versions. While you might
argue that they should damn well RTFM, I can see value in tying the
source and binary versions together to avoid a bit of confusion.

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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