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From Michael Smith <>
Subject 'combined' format access logging in tc4
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 07:03:22 GMT
Hi all,

Today I found myself needing webserver access logs in the standard
'combined' format (this adds useragent and referer information to the
normal/standard access logs). This format is widely supported, by
apache, for example, and by most (?) server log analysis programs. 

AccessLogValve, though quite flexible, doesn't (currently) implement
everything one needs for getting this log format. Rather than
implementing all of this (icky format-string parsing stuff. Not My Idea
Of Fun ;-) (I'm also fairly busy.), I implemented it as a second special
case (so now there's 'common' and 'combined' (this also allows us to
share the common bits in the combined implementation, easily, so it's
quick too).

I imagine this is widely useful for other people too, so here's my

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