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From "Bragg, Casey" <>
Subject Bug in FormAuthenticator?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 03:37:16 GMT
I think the following action causes a bug : 

Tomcat 4.0b7 (not specific to this release)
JDBCRealm (not specific to this realm)

1)Go to the URL of the specified login page (go directly to it).
2)Login correctly.
3)You will be sent to /null or /context/null.  (unless my configuration is
screwed up)

I think the problem is in the savedRequestURL method.  I don't know if this
solution is mentioned in the spec, but it seems pretty important.

This is how I think the code should be : 

    private String savedRequestURL(Session session) {
        if (saved == null) {
            return (null);
        } else { 
            // where config.getDefaultPage returns a page URL to 
            // go to if the Login page was requested directly
            // (no request was saved).  I suppose this would be set 
            // the same way the LoginPage URL was specified
            return config.getDefaultPage();

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