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From Sasha Haghani <>
Subject URL Rewriting Session ID Length in Tomcat
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 21:29:43 GMT
Hi there,

Does anyone know what the maximum length of the session ID value is when
using URL rewriting/encoding for session tracking (i.e.: ";jessionid=1234"
appended to the end of the URL) with the Tomcat 3.x
and 4.0 servlet containers?

Does the length vary or is it fixed?  And does Tomcat encode server or
failover information into the ID?  WebLogic for instance, encodes the
primary and secondary failover servers into the ID when running in a

And finally, is there any way to restrict or specify the maximum length of
the session ID?

I ask this due to a limitation with some WAP clients & gateways which
prevents the URL from exceeding 128 characters.

Any info on this issue from the Tomcat team or anyone else is much

Please see the following links if you'd like some additional background:
under the heading "Session Tracking" at the bottom,13&seekm=

Sasha Haghani

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