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From Bill Lipa <>
Subject RE: TC323 standalone/ajp13 & thread pools
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:35:45 GMT

--- Marcus Crafter <> wrote:

> 	So if I understand you correctly, we should have our Tomcat pool size
> 	set to the same as the MaxClients setting we have for Apache - as a
> 	general rule ?
> 	We'll retest with these settings. Thanks very much for your advice. :-)

I think you should leave a little margin in case some threads are used for
other things.  In our production environment, we have MaxClients set to 256,
and the size of the Tomcat thread pool set to 300.

Henri Gomez also says that if worker.ajp13.cachesize is set > 1, Tomcat may
need even more threads.  This is not the default setting, however.


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