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From Robert Lucier <>
Subject making HttpUtils of poor post args
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 00:34:51 GMT
This is a suggestion for a slight modification in the
jakarta implementation of
javax.servlet.http.HttpUtils. If this is the wrong
forum for that I apologize.

I'm using tomcat with a client app which has a sloppy
form-urlencode. It will product a POST body like
"a=1&b&c=2" - with no equal sign after the b.
Currently, this causes HttpUtils.parseQueryString to
throw an IllegalArgumentException. While this is
technically correct, it does prevent the use of Tomcat
with that client.

My first choice would be to interpret "a=1&b&c=2" as
meaning that b="". It seems like a fairly unambiguous
interpretation. The attached diff makes that change.


Rob Lucier

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