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From (Alex Chaffee)
Subject [FAQ] jGuru FAQ Update
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2001 00:24:09 GMT
jGuru maintains FAQs and Forums on Servlets, JSP, and Tomcat (as well as
many other Java topics).  Here is an automated update on recent postings to
Tomcat-related FAQs.  Please direct flames and feedback to .

 - Alex

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++ JavaServer Pages (JSP) FAQ:

How can I model a JSP page in UML? What stereotype should I use for JSP within a class diagram?

I have a .jsp page with an included file (myPage.jsp, with <%@ include file = 'includedFile.jsp'>).
When I delete or modify the included file on the server, the old one still shows in my browser,
even if I manually refresh/reload the whole page (i.e. refresh 'myPage.jsp'). The only solution
I have found is to delete the whole page ('myPage.jsp'), and upload it again - then it includes
the more recent included file.<br>
The server is running Apache/Tomcat under Linux.<br>

++ Servlets FAQ:

Why do I get the error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Header already sent ?

Is there a simple example of how to use web application security in WebLogic?

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