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From "Rob S." <>
Subject Re: TC4 base dir
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:41:00 GMT
> > That's cool about the server.xml file, and you can do the individual
> > elements, as you said (logger, default valve's logger for access,
> > etc.) but what I'm wondering about is if there's anything analogous to
> > changing the entire base dir (not just apps, but entire thing a la
> > 3.x) ?
> The entire base directory is wherever the CATALINA_HOME environment
> variable says it is, if you have that defined already.	I have my
> CATALINA_HOME always set, so that I can have little scripts like
> "catstart" to start it on demand from whatever directory I'm in:
>   $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ start $@

Ok my last try since I think I'm not being clear enough =)

TC 3.x has this:

    You can add a "home" attribute to represent the "base" for
    all relative paths. If none is set, the TOMCAT_HOME property
    will be used, and if not set "." will be used.
    webapps/, work/ and logs/ will be relative to this ( unless
    set explicitely to absolute paths ).
<ContextManager debug="0" home="/home/rslifka/slifka-tomcat" showDebugInfo="

...allowing me to use a single $TOMCAT_HOME/conf, /bin, etc. dir, but many instances of /webapps,
/work and /logs spread out wherever I like.  If Catalina has this something similar, then
I'd like to make sure I document it in my "Running Multiple Instances" doc =)

- r

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