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From Osama bin Login <>
Subject RE: Addition of 'dirty' field to Session interface
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 18:45:54 GMT

--- Bip Thelin <> wrote:
> This is just an idea from the top of my head, would
> it be possible
> having a second vector that contains a footprint(not
> a full clone) of
> the
> object for a session and have a reaper thread
> checking the footprints
> against
> the "real" objects and determine if they changed or
> not and based on
> that
> replicate of whatever we want to do.

My thoughts exactly.  If you want to be able to
support transparent fail-over for sessions within a
cluster, you are going to have to take the performance
hit of persisting the session data on at least 1 other
machine in the cluster after every request.  If you're
already taking that step, you might as well maintain
an in-memory image of the serialized session object. 
You could compare an MD5 on the bytes comprising the
session before the request was handled with the MD5
for after the request completed.

Could this work?

  - osama.

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