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From "Rob S." <>
Subject Re: AW: [DOC] Trouble building anyone?
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 11:28:15 GMT
> Of coures, as soon as the bits of this message started across the wire, it
> failed for me on Win98 ... grumble ... I'll take a look.

When I was into Windows programming, that Marshall Brain book (Win32 System
Services) had this funny part in the beginning.  Said something to the
effect of "you'll think the API is wrong, but it's not the API, it's you"
and in pretty much every case, it was me - points for Brain.  Then again, I
don't think anyone ever said Win32 was easy =)

Anyway, in this case, it does appear to be the API.  The XML spec says it
doesn't have to be a URL.  The parser attempts to create a URL from it (==>
MalformedURLException).  This "seems" like a cut-and-dry, well-meaning error
on the part of the developer.  I didn't make it too far into the URL/I RFC,
but I don't think it says that a url with no scheme or anything is to be
first interpreted as a resource in the document's directory...

- r

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