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From Chris Kimpton <>
Subject RE AdaptiveClassLoader, getResources, (Tomcat 4.0/3.3 bug?)
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:35:40 GMT

I am using tomcat3.3m4 (cos 3.3b1 seems to be broken with respect to
working with Jetspeed - or is it Jetspeed is broken...)

I seem to be getting the same problem that the file
is not being read from the WEB-INF/classes directory of my web app -
but needs to be on the main system classpath.  

This is not too bad for my standalone app and is a little better than
the old 3.2 problem, as I can now put the required/related jars into
the lib/apps directory.

But if I were to host several apps using different jndi servers
(although that doesn't sounds quite correct either...) - then I
couldn't, as I had only one way of setting these properties...

I understand this has been fixed in the latest 3.2.3 CVS code - in
the AdaptiveClassLoader - but this class is not used in 3.3 - so I
was wondering if a similar fix can be applied to 3.3.

I seem to remember testing this with tomcat4 (b2 or b3) a while back
and getting the same error - but it maybe fixed now - but worth
checking if someone does action this.


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