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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-4.0 RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:08:19 GMT
craigmcc    01/08/09 17:08:19

  Modified:    .        RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt
  Update beta-7 release notes with all current bugfixes.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +156 -1    jakarta-tomcat-4.0/RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt
  Index: RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-tomcat-4.0/RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt	2001/07/20 06:14:10	1.1
  +++ RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt	2001/08/10 00:08:19	1.2
  @@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
                               Release Notes
  -$Id: RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt,v 1.1 2001/07/20 06:14:10 craigmcc Exp $
  +$Id: RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B7.txt,v 1.2 2001/08/10 00:08:19 craigmcc Exp $
  @@ -22,6 +22,14 @@
   Please report bugs and feature requests under product name "Tomcat 4".
  +----> SECURITY VULNERABILITY FIXED:  In addition to the new features and
  +----> bug fixes listed below, this release of Tomcat fixes a vulnerability
  +----> on Windows 9x platforms (at least, possibly on other Windows versions
  +----> as well) that causes request URLs like "http://localhost:8080/.../"
  +----> to expose files on your disk.  This vulnerability does not exist on
  +----> Unix platforms.
   ----> UPCOMING CHANGE NOTICE:  In a future beta release of Tomcat 4.0, it
   ----> is likely that the default operational mode will be to run Tomcat
   ----> under a security manager (rather than the current default of not
  @@ -44,11 +52,52 @@
   General New Features:
  +Documentation - Revised the installation instructions, as well as instructions
  +for building from source, to reflect current dependencies.
  +Spec Compliance - Tomcat 4 is now compliant with the changes in the Servlet 2.3
  +(Proposed Final Draft 3) and JSP 1.2 (Proposed Final Draft 3) specifications.
  +Further changes in the specifications are possible, but grow increasingly
  +unlikely as they approach final release.
  +Documentation - Started migrating to a new "tomcat-docs" web app that uses a
  +standard stylesheet to manage the creation of documentation (in HTML format).
  +This new web app is not yet included in the release, but a snapshot of the
  +progress to date is available at:
   Catalina New Features:
  +Connectors - Refactored the startup code so that Catalina can run on port 80
  +(without being root) when started by JavaService or equivalent service
  +StandardContext / ProxyDirContext - Support the disabling of caching for
  +static resource metadata.
  +SingleSignOff Support - If you are using "single sign on" support with form
  +based login, invalidating (or timing out) a session in one app will now sign
  +the user off from all apps, as required by Servlet 2.3 PFD3.
  +InstanceEvent - The events sent to Catalina-internal instance event listeners
  +now include the request and response being processed if relevant.
  +InstanceEvent - New event types for before and after dispatching are now
  +fired when a servlet is invoked via a request dispatcher.
  +Sessions and Requests - Internal implementation objects now support a new
  +"notes" facility that lets Catalina components decorate them with extra
  +information, without requiring creation of additional object properties, or
  +exposing the information to applications by using attributes.
  +AccessLogValve - Support a new "combined" logging format that includes the
  +referer and user-agent headers, along with everything in the default "common"
  +log format.
   Jasper New Features:
  @@ -59,7 +108,15 @@
   Webapps New Features:
  +SetCharacterEncodingFilter - A new Filter has been added to the "/examples"
  +web application shipped with Tomcat, which allows you to programmatically
  +determine what character set you wish to use to interpret request parameters
  +for a given request, and then call request.setCharacterEncoding().  Doing this
  +as a filter means you do not need to modify all of your servlets and JSP pages
  +to include this functionality.  Feel free to use this Filter as is, or as the
  +basis for a more sophisticated implementation.
  @@ -69,15 +126,113 @@
   Catalina Bug Fixes:
  +WebappClassLoader - [Bugzilla #2725] Non-JAR files placed in
  +/WEB-INF/lib would cause continuous reloads of a reloadable context.
  +FileDirContext - Close the input stream after finishing copying.  Otherwise,
  +was causing problems deleting resources that were the source of a COPY.
  +StandardContext - [Bugzilla #2710] getNamingContextName() was returning an
  +incorrect name.
  +AccessLogValve - [Bugzilla #2763] Include the query string (if any) in the
  +access log output.
  +FormAuthenticator - [Bugzilla #2768] When processing a form-based login and
  +redirecting back to the orginally requested resource, include any query string
  +that was part of the original request.
  +StandardContext - [Bugzilla #2755] Clean up thread binding and unbinding so
  +that the context class loader is set during the start and stop of listeners
  +and filters.
  +ApplicationContext - Throw IllegalArgumentException if the first argument to
  +setAttribute() is null.
  +RequestBase - Throw IllegalArgumentException if the first argument to
  +setAttribute() is null.
  +HttpProcessor - Fix for prohibitively long shutdown times when HTTP/1.1
  +persistent connections are in use.
  +FormAuthenticator - [Bugzilla #2806] Fix an endless loop that would occur
  +if the <form-error-page> was within the protected area of the web application.
  +There was already a special case for the login page.
  +ContextConfig - [Bugzilla #2870] If parsing errors are encountered when
  +processing web.xml, mark the application unavailable instead of letting it
  +serve requests in a partially initialized state.
  +SSLAuthenticator - [BugTraq #4485977] Authenticate users through the Realm
  +when using CLIENT-CERT login, by passing the client certificate chain to a
  +new Realm.authenticate() method.
  +WebappClassLoader - The system policy file is now refreshed in the
  +ClassLoader constructor, and any security exception is swallowed.
  +FormAuthenticator - [BugTraq #4485977] Make form-based login work correctly
  +even if caching of authenticated principals in the session is turned off.
  +ApplicationDispatcher - When a RequestDispatcher is used to access a resource
  +in a different context, propertly set and reset the thread context class
  +loader so that the invoked resource sees the correct one.
  +HttpResponseBase / HttpResponseImpl - Per HTTP/1.1 specification (RFC 2616),
  +Section 3.1, a server should return the highest HTTP protocol version it
  +claims to support.
  +SocketInputStream - When parsing multi-line HTTP headers, correctly treat a
  +TAB character as whitespace.
  +HttpProcessor - [Bugzilla #3062] Make request URIs that contain "/..." return
  +"Bad Request".  On some (all?) Windows platforms, this would cause the OS to
  +walk up the directory tree and expose files, just like "../../.." type paths
  +would if they were not normalized.
  +WARP Connector - Brought the sources of the WARP connector (used to talk with
  +Apache+mod_webapp) up to date with the most recent bugfixes.  Now passes all
  +Watchdog and tester tests when running Apache+Tomcat (as well as when running
  +Tomcat stand alone).
   Jasper Bug Fixes:
  +JSP Compiler - [BugTraq #4481010] Do not generate implicit import for
  +"javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*".  The implicit import list now matches the
  +requirements of JSP 1.2 PFD3b, page 50.  Modified code generators as needed
  +to reflect this change.
  +JSP Compiler - [Bugzilla #2602] Correct code generated for Strings with
  +Unicode escape sequences like <%= "\u9b5a" %>, while still correctly dealing
  +with %\>.
  +JSP Compiler - [Bugzilla #2722] Correct the XML quoted value for the "double
  +quote" character (was incorrectly rendering as "&quote;" instead of "&quot;").
  +JSP Compiler - [Bugzilla #2748] Correct the pathname used to store template
  +text when the "largefile" initialization parameter (of the JSP servlet)
  +is set.  In addition, modify the generated code for this option to reflect the
  +fact that* is no longer implicitly imported.
  +XmlOutputter - [Bugzilla #2704] Correctly escape occurrences of "]]>" in XML
  +output inside a CDATA section.
  +JasperLogger - [BugTraq #4488877] Disable creation of useless background thread
  +per <jsp-file> declaration, which can eventually cause resource exhaustion.
   Webapps Bug Fixes:
  +WebdavServlet - Correct decoding of the destination header (was previously
  +handled by normalize).
  +WebdavServlet - Various fixes to support lock-null properties correctly.
  +WebdavServlet - Correct use of DocumentBuilderFactory, which is not threadsafe.

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