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From "Bip Thelin" <>
Subject RE: Addition of 'dirty' field to Session interface
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 18:27:31 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig R. McClanahan [] 
> [...]
> * Load-balanced distributed container that can move sessions around
>   as various servers get overloaded.
> * Fail-safe distributed container that automatically recovers from
>   server failures and reconnects you to a different one with your
>   session intact.
> without the application developer having to worry about this 
> for his/her
> session beans.  The first case isn't so hard -- the only time 
> you have to
> persist is when you are going to migrate, so you would just do it
> unconditinally.  The second case is harder, unless you can afford the
> performance hit of persisting after *every* request.

This is just an idea from the top of my head, would it be possible
having a second vector that contains a footprint(not a full clone) of
object for a session and have a reaper thread checking the footprints
the "real" objects and determine if they changed or not and based on
replicate of whatever we want to do.

Similar to how PersistentManager check sessions to determine if they
be swapped to disk or backed up. Or is this just plain dumb?

	-bip thelin

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