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From Brad Cox <>
Subject Re: Jasper and parsed tree
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 18:08:59 GMT
At 11:40 AM +0800 7/13/01, John Yu wrote:
>  >Well, assuming that the JavaCC grammar is capable of dealing with all
>>the intricacies of JSP syntax (and the license issues dealt with), it's
>>certainly possible.  But I'd be really hesitant to say "let's go replace
>>the parser" without discussing and agreeing on an overall architecture
>  >first.

I've just uploaded a demonstration of the feasibility of binding web 
applications to html, template files, properties files, and databases 
at pre-compile time instead of run-time as most template languages do 
now. The advantages are considerable; negligible run-time overhead 
(28kb), compile-time type checking, and so forth.

The template language syntax is primitive currently. I'm thinking 
about modifying the Velocity parser to emit java statements for 
compilation at compile time instead of interpreting the AST at 
runtime. Comments on the desirability of this approach are welcome, 
particularly offers to help! ;)

The feasibility demo is at

Tomcat/Velocity developers; I'd be most interested in your responses 
to my complaints about the emphasis on properties/XML files in Tomcat 
and Velocity... near the end of the template language document 
(there's a link to this document at the very top).
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