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From <>
Subject Re: problem with mod_webapp
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 17:43:14 GMT
On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> > What about working an APR wrapper ? ie something which wrap OS calls
> > to APR or native calls ? And make mod_jk call wrapper functions ?
> I think that defeats the purpose of APR.  If APR isn't doing it right,
> then APR needs to be fixed.  APR should definitely support any platforms
> that you are concerned about (i.e. Win32, etc.).  Which, of course,
> means that httpd-2.0 will run on those platforms as well.
> The idea is that APR would better support these platforms than rewriting
> the same code in mod_jk.  And, ideally, if you build around APR, you
> will simplify the build process because APR will figure out all the OS
> trickiness for you.

First, there is not a lot of duplicated code, and the part that is
duplicated is easy to change ( a bit more than search&replace, but not
that much ).

Most of this code is local to jk_util and part in jk_map ( except that apr
map doesn't seem to support reading from a file, or the var substitution).
What we can do is make sure the method signatures and call model is
identical ( when jk was started it tried to be as similar as possible with
apr, so it could switch by a simple replace, but apr changed ).

I don't think this is a major problem for mod_jk, or we're spending too
much time in the util side - implementing the core functionality is the
big problem, the socket/file/utils are stable enough.

I'm +0 on converting the calls from jk_util to apr, but a much more
usefull contribution will be help with the core functionality.


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