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From <>
Subject Re: tomcat gui
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 15:15:19 GMT
On Mon, 2 Jul 2001 wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to develop GUI for Tomcat (for managing users, contexts, load
> on servlet container, etc.), but I have no notion where to start.
> Please advice, do I have use ContextManager, or connectors to touch
> Tomcat's environment ?

Is it a real GUI ( swing, etc ) or a webapp ?

For the second, you can look at /admin and extend it with what you need.

For the first - it depends on how far you want to go. You may take a look
at linuxConf, webmin, cobalt's admin interface, comanche - all are
_excelent_ admin tools, able to manage almost anything ( dns, sendmail,
firewalls, ... ). It would be probably easier to either extend one of them
with a tomcat module, without writing a full GUI. Or learn from them. The
main problem is the language they use - C, perl, php, tcl - but some allow
you to write modules in any language.

The "right" thing is to use a 2-layer architecture, with the backend
beeing a set of servlets/jsps in /admin, with minimal ( or no ) GUI. The
frontend can be a swing GUI, a webapp ( that can run on a different
container and manage a set of tomcat instances ), or a module part of one
of the existing admin GUIs.

The backend can use simple post ( no need for SOAP or anything
sophisticated for now ), it should be easy to support even multiple
servlet containers ( as long as they have similar "scheme" for the admin


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