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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject tomcat docs mailinglists..
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2001 19:10:12 GMT

I created a few mailinglist on my server , to send
notes for tomcat documentation to. This is just to gather all the notes on a
specific subject to make  documentation from.

Why did I do this? If I fixed something or got something running, found an
issue while upgrading etc,etc, you don't have the time to write everything
down. The information is present in your gray mass upstairs,  but if you
need to create documentation you cannot remember that specific little thing
anymore. I normally start notepad, type it in and save it to be never found
again. If you just write an e-mail to eg, it will be stored, so your
grandchildren can still enjoy your knowledge and other people (maby me, or
someone else who wants to do it), can gather that information once in a
while and update the docs, faq, tips,etc,etc...
Hope not only me and Thomas Bezdicek like the idea, but other people too..
These mailinglist are not a replacement for a future mailinglist on apache
on tomcat documentation (if it is gonna be created), so it's not a
discussion forum
(I will make one if someone thinks that it is usefull).

Suggestions for the subject line :

tomcatversion (if applicable) eg T4.0B5
other details devided by a - eg. -windows-upgrade-tc33
subject : the subject of the note

If someone has a better idea or a format that is better parseable to a faq
or documentation, please let me know, so I can write that parser ;-)

For now I created the following mailinglists :

See if you don't have a clue where to put
your note..
Just mail to <mailinglistname>
subsribing can be done with :
unsubscribing can be done with

You don't have to subscribe to the mailinglist to send mails to that
list.... (and it is not moderated at the moment, but I will check once a
week or something to see if there is rubbish in the mailinglist).

Hope it is usefull and else : why not use it anyway.

Martin van den Bemt

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