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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject Latest status of virtual domains..
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2001 14:19:32 GMT

I've seen (actually not read, it wasn't an issue at that moment) a lot of
mails about virtual hosting. Since I'm gonna start setting up a lot if
virtual hosts (all on 1 ip address btw..) with apache (not a problem) and in
combination with tomcat, my question is what the status is and what needs
testing, explenation etc,etc,etc.. Which parts of the sources to study when
something isn't working the way I expected etc, which connectors need
testing or which connectors work, etc) At least I can put together new docs
on how to set it up in certain situations.. So if you want to use my time on
this.. please do.. Please also provide which versions need testing (have
3.2.x , 3.3 and an older version of tomcat 4, I would prefer to look at the
3.X versions though, since the server is gonna be "production"...).

My goal is trying to achieve a Waldorf and Statler experience :

Booh, Booh, that was the worst thing I ever seen
It was terrible
Well it wasn't that bad, o yeah?
There were parts that I liked
Yeah I liked a lot of it
Yeah it was good
Yeah it was great
It was wonderfull
Ah, bravo
More More..

If you get my drift ;-))

Martin van den Bemt

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