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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: tomcat docs mailinglists..
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 20:55:24 GMT
> > BTW where can I find Anakia (not that I looked heavily for it
> though..)..
> <>
> > But maby I can integrate some stuff in my qmail manager (writing that in
> > java btw.. and is still a work in progress..)
> Check out...
>     <>
> The website isn't real up to date, but the source code is and I'm
> sure that
> collaboration is better than working alone.

If your interested :
Yep.. probably.. The problem is the different approach.. They are focused on
the ezmlm and I'm focused on actually managing the qmail server, integration
with dns, sanity checks etc, and that all in java.. They also use perl stuff
to make their life a little bit easier.. If I have to use natives, so it be,
but still not necessary ;-). So I'm writing a qmail manager which other
people can extend to. It is also a "experiment" project for myself, so it
has some use to do it alone, but for the sake of it : I'll drop them a mail.
If something comes out of it, I'll drop you a mail..

> We use it within our CollabNet SourceCast application.
> -jon

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