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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: hello everyone (regarding documentation)
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:46:58 GMT
>> BTW, I didn't recall there was a vote on the list to decide 
>if we should 
>> use DocBook or Anakia to produce documentation ?
>Not yet. Another reason why nobody should jump the gun with a 
>format that might end up having to be ported to XHTML.


>My advice for potential authors is to use text or very simple 
>HTML (<h1>, 
><code>, <p>, <pre>, and <a>) so it'll be easy to shift to a 
>common format 
>once we do decide. Also it'll mean you don't waste time making 
>it pretty, 
>and focus on the text itself.

I agree.

The DocBook format is certainly complex but since there is a
free GUI editor for it, AbiWord, I was thinking it a good choice.

I've allready used Anakia and jakarta build-site and we're not
in a real-time WYSIWYG :) 

But I'll use the format the list will vote for ;)

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