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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Ajp13 wrong Response
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 07:32:49 GMT
>I am seeing the problem appears almost on a daily basis with
>very little traffic. When the 3 people who use the system (consisting
>of 3 html forms and 3 servlets) happen to hit submit roughtly 
>at the same time the problems appears.

low traffic with little concurrent access.

>Once the problems appears we start to get mixed responses very 
>and the only solutions is to restart tomcat to get it back to 
>a good state.

>Another, questions how would you know that ab is getting the 
>right response.
>Let say your simple servlet just echo some information 
>extracted from the
>httpRequest. Using ab everything would seem to be working, all request
>would get back some apparently good response.

Right, ab known nothing about the contents of the replies, it
just validated that there is no major problems in mod_jk + TC 3.3.

The problem you expose recall me a very old problem in TC 3.3
which is fixed now, when using JSP and Redirect. 

There may be still a problem in TC 3.3 and in that case we must 
be able to reproduce it (may be in session handling). Could
you try using the native http connectors (port 8080) and 
tell us if the problem still exists ?

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