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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject [J-T-C] Autoconf code commited : WAS: new config plan
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 21:37:53 GMT
Hi to all JTC users/developpers,

I just commited initial autoconf in native and java.
Rigth now it only handle the '*' virtual host. I'll
have to get more information from Apache/IIS/Domino/iPlanet
gurus to see how we could detect/get virtual hosts....

Take a look please :)

>Well, jk_uri_worker_map is common for all, so if it's 
>implemented in one
>it'll be implemented in all :-)

yes but we must'nt forget that virtual host could be in form 
of host:port (ie localhost:443 for SSL)

>The only problem is that regardless of the protocol or configuration
>mechanism, we need to:
>- collect all relevant information from web.xml, server.xml 
>and pass it to
>mod_jk/web server.

JUST COMMITED, but I need java gurus to grab web.xml in NegociationHandler
I only hardcode examples/admin :)

>- as long as mod_jk ( using either autoconf or generated
> or generated native config ) can't handle all
>settings in web.xml, we should default to sending all requests for a
>context to tomcat. A small improvement will happen in ajp14, 
>where we'll
>be able to tell mod_jk to send chunks ( so static files will 
>be served by
>apache, but with an eventual round trip to tomcat )

+1, we could even use stuff like mod_cache which seems fine for that

>I also want to fix few small problems in mod_jk, to allow manual
>configuration ( where you specify the handler for *.jsp or 
>something else
>using SetHandler ) to completely override mod_jk ( i.e. avoid 
>the double
>mapping in apache and jk_uri_worker_map ).

A default handler for all .jsp ? Should we assume them a default
ajp worker ?

>> >- extend the jk_map to support a bit more advanced properties, where
>> >instead of name=value we'll have "tuples" ( host:uri=worker ).

I'll take a look at it since we'll need also host:port:uri=worker (SSL).

>> Easy using a separator like : or others not found in std URI....
>Something like that - easy to parse ( I'm looking at minimal 
>extensions to
>the current C configuration code in mod_jk ).


>BTW, there is value in having a "uniform" configuration for 
>all servers,
>i.e. stop passing config options in server.xml format ( and obj.conf,
>registry, ini ), but use the same and

All job in is COMMON to all code base, so it's fine
to me

>( the value is simpler documentations, simpler code ).
>Another value ( for me ) is that it'll allow my other project 
>( very small
>footprint tomcat, without xml parsing and any other big thing - i.e. a
>j2me-class runtime ). The "simpler to parse but complete" 
>urimaps can also
>be used by standalone embeded tomcat.

I've got my PALM V (2mb) ready for tests Costin :) Thanks to send me
some copies...

>> >- replace the 3 config generators with a single one, generating
>> >_all_ the mappings known to the server ( exactly the
>> >information that is
>> >used in SimpleMapper ), using the easy-to-parse format.
>> You speak about the java side ?
>I wish :-)

You'll be my guest here (you and kevin)

>Well, I'll start with the java side and the uriworkermap, 
>which is already known by mod_jk.

Don't forget that many sites (including SLIB's) have Apache
on one box, and cluster of tomcat !; 
But rigth now, the AJP14 autoconf is ready for you...
>> May I ask you J-T-C developpers to wait one (may be two weeks)
>> and take a look at autoconf I'm finishing rigth now ?
>Well, I have 2 full days to work on that ( today and tommorow 
>), I have a
>small vacation ( but only 2 days of it will be for tomcat ).

You make me works a little in a hurry to have a quick release but
I tested it on Apache 1.3/2.0 and it seems to works. 
Now will have to add virtual hosts handling/detection in AP/IIS/DOMINO....

>I'm not working on the autoconf right now, collecting all 
>mappings in java is the first step.

It's done in native and ready to developp in java

>> I must mention I forget about welcome and didn't know how to handle
>> security rigth now. But it wasn't in ajp14 stricto-senso....
>Form login is the another hard one. Again, as long as we can't 
>handle all
>web.xml, I think we must default to forward-only ( and manual mode if
>someone wants static files served by apache ).

In the current configuration, JkMount manual directive is still 
present :))))))

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