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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: problem with mod_webapp
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:09:44 GMT
>When I have commit access to APR, yeah, I do.  =)  (That change to the 
>util_date.h is because of me - actually, I think that you should just
>assume that they have the latest build of Apache 2.0 if they are using
>Apache 2.0 - it is still "beta" and I use that term loosely...)

I added a #define to determine httpd 2.0 version :) and
include it accordingly

>Realistically though, APR is fairly stable API-wise.  There *are* 
>going to be some minor changes and tweaks along the way.  But, they 
>should all be for the better (like the util_date migration).

I'm confident that APR is stable, but what we need is a RELEASE.

>> My opinion, and I like to see others J-T-C users/developpers is
>> that we could use APR in mo_jk when it will more stable and
>> allready installed in web-server. So APR/MOD_JK will be fine
>> when will start the move from Apache 1.3 to Apache 2.0.
>> At that time we'll have a release of THAT APR and have
>> it on others platforms supported by mod_jk, IIS, iPlanet, 
>> Netware, Windows......
>And, I guess, my point is that we should start that transition now.
>Start to write a mod_jk that is built around APR.  By the time 
>that is done, Apache 2.0 may even be release candidate.  Or not.  

What about working an APR wrapper ? ie something which wrap OS calls
to APR or native calls ? And make mod_jk call wrapper functions ?

But even APR will only cover OS calls, and didn't solve the problems of
linking with web-server differents from Apache (IIS/iPlanet/Domino...)

I'm +0 (agree but couldn't works on) having a jk_apr_wrapper.c/.h added
to the project ? Who's candidate ?

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