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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: new config plan
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:00:03 GMT
>I think I found a good way to implement the previous proposal, 
>it should
>solve the short term problem and allow later development.
>The plan is:
>- start by fixing jk_uri_worker_map to support the virtual host 
>( it's one of the biggest missing points ).

virtual host will be present in ajp14 :!
Even more It will be the KEY :

- virtual1 -----------> context A
           -----------> context B ....

- virtual2 -----------> context A
           -----------> context C ....

>- extend the jk_map to support a bit more advanced properties, where
>instead of name=value we'll have "tuples" ( host:uri=worker ).

Easy using a separator like : or others not found in std URI....

>- replace the 3 config generators with a single one, generating 
>_all_ the mappings known to the server ( exactly the 
>information that is
>used in SimpleMapper ), using the easy-to-parse format.

You speak about the java side ?

>- The will be "pre-cooked", i.e. the goal is to
>minimize the processing on the C side. The format I have in 
>mind right now 
>is a simple extension to the name=value, and I would go one more step
>and add:
>  exact:host:uri=worker:contextPath:servlet
>  prefix:....
>  security:host:uri=...
>  welcome:host:context=index.jsp

May I ask you J-T-C developpers to wait one (may be two weeks) 
and take a look at autoconf I'm finishing rigth now ?

I must mention I forget about welcome and didn't know how to handle 
security rigth now. But it wasn't in ajp14 stricto-senso....

I'll commit more native code tomorrow and java later (may be on

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