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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: problem with mod_webapp
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 08:29:39 GMT
>One thing that mod_webapp has going for it is that it is based on APR
>(this makes the webapp code much simpler).  In my experience with 
>mod_jk, I've always had problems getting the right defines for my 
>platform (as there is no configure script - somehow, I remember J.F. 
>Clere adding some stuff to j-t-c).  But, I think that for native 
>platform code, you'll get a big win by using APR.

APR will be the future, but it still in changing state.
Do you want to works on a moving API ? 
We need a release and binary builds for majors OS....

Do you know that when Gal started mod_jk he's allready thinked 
using APR and decided to make some APR code like in mod_jk
to be able to use it later.

mod_jk major problem wasn't its native calls,  mostly LIBC/BSD sockets
widely available, but it's build. And JF Clere does an excellent
works which allow you to build it in minutes on all platforms 
supporting autoconf......

My opinion, and I like to see others J-T-C users/developpers is
that we could use APR in mo_jk when it will more stable and
allready installed in web-server. So APR/MOD_JK will be fine
when will start the move from Apache 1.3 to Apache 2.0.

At that time we'll have a release of THAT APR and have
it on others platforms supported by mod_jk, IIS, iPlanet, 
Netware, Windows......

My pragmatic opinion....

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