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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: DOC: Table of Contents
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 17:19:27 GMT
Alex Chaffee at wrote:
> A note on copyright: I'm claiming copyright for this document, since I
> may use parts of it to write articles or books, and I haven't done the
> research on what it means to post text (as opposed to code) into an
> Apache project. I'd contribute it explicitly as open source if I were
> sure I'd keep my rights to use it too. If anyone can enlighten me on
> this topic, please respond with a separate subject line (like
> "Copyrights") so we can keep discussions of copyright separate from
> discussions of the table of contents itself. The copyright will not
> prevent other Apache contributors from using or editing it or adding it
> to the code base -- that is, I want to preserve *my* right to use it in
> a non-Apache context, but also to grant Apache the right to use it too.
> If that's even possible. I'm confused.

Nice question :) And I believe this should be addressed by the members...

Our license clearly states that the sentence "This product includes software
developed by the Apache Software Foundation (" must
be included in derivate works, but, when thinking about documentation, and
so text instead of code, I don't know whether that should be included or
not. Our license, in fact, is called "Apache Software License" and covers
that part, and I don't know how that could apply to things related to
software, such as logos and documentation.

For logos, what usually happens is that the board specifically grants the
right to use our logo somewhere, and this could also happen for docs, but I
think we should address this problem once for all...

It's not a problem of Copyright, IMVHO, but a problem related to licensing
the use and publication of our documentation.

    Pier (CCing members@apache to see what others think...)

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