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From Adam Fowler <>
Subject Re: [DOC] TC4 jakarta doc site...
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2001 16:05:54 GMT

If I could get CVS access behind this damned secure network I'd 
volunteer!...Unless you'd let me FTP/SSH to it 8o)

Tomcat can have my thoroughly tested layout if you'd like though. (With 
a few mods, of course!)

Take a gander at


Rob S. wrote:

> I submitted a mockup site several weeks ago, and a modified home page using
> the same sort of scheme yesterday.  I don't think people like to comment on
> aesthetics =)  Problem is that everyone has a friend of a friend that will
> make us a sharp, light-weight site, but no one ever gets around to it =/
> - r
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>> From: Adam Fowler []
>> Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 11:56 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: [DOC] TC4 jakarta doc site...
>> Hi guys,
>> I just "upgraded" to Mozilla 0.9 and tried having a look at the "Server
>> Configuration" part of the tc4 doc site. (I hope to have my tc4 appendix
>> shelled out by the end of the day.)
>> I noticed that the background on the left is set to black...Problem is,
>> the styles your using don't seem to be valid as the text comes out black
>> too. (Spotted the problem yet!?! 8o) ) Also, a black background is a bit
>> gash! (call me old fashioned)
>> Mozilla works fine with my XHTML site which uses CSS 1 and 2 so I think
>> it may be your site. I can get by without it, but as you can tell its
>> not exactly ideal!
>> Adam.
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