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From Christopher Cain <>
Subject Re: HTML filtering on tomcat-dev
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 18:04:41 GMT

Jon Stevens wrote:
> on 7/16/01 5:44 PM, "Christopher Cain" <> wrote:
> > In addition to leaving my inbox blissfully free of such abominations, I
> > have a feeling it will also reduce the amount of user questions on the
> > dev list. I've noticed that a good percentage of the HTML-formatted
> > posts, the vast majority of which almost assuredly from a Win box, are
> > also user-level questions ... gee, I wonder what the correlation is ;-)
> Those posts will still go through, it is just that only the plaintext
> portion of the message will survive.
> That is the most shitty thing about HTML email. It actually sends TWO copies
> of the body. One marked up with a bunch of crap and then the plain text
> version as well. Some clients go as far as encoding the plaintext version in
> base64 so that you can't read it even if you wanted to. :-(

Good God ... seriously?!? Damn, that sucks even worse than I already
knew. A really funny sidenote is how Hotmail, which on a Windoze box
will try and default to HTML format when composing, handles it. I've
noticed that under certain conditions (probably when on any OS that
doesn't start with "Win"), replying to an HTML-formatted message will
leaving you replying to the HTML source, tags and all. Thankfully I only
use it as a spam-catcher, but you'd think that Microsoft still had a few
Solaris boxes kicking around over to test their crap on. Then again, I
just used "test" and "Microsoft" in the same sentence, so I guess I made
a funny. Oh well, just an interesting tidbit.

- Christopher

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