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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: [DOC] Table of Contents
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:06:21 GMT
Punky Tse wrote:

>>>3) How about putting all the installation and configuration of Tomcat
>>>standalone first, and then followed by some chapters (advanced topics)
> about
>>>Running Tomcat behind web servers?
>>It's already organized that way. See the first paragraph of the
>>"editorial notes:"
>> >>I think there should be a
>> >>chapter or series of chapters on installing Tomcat standalone, that
>> >>covers *everything* or almost everything start-to-finish. Then we also
>> >>need separate chapters for installing behind each Web server. Then
>> >>come chapters on administration and advanced configuration issues.
>>I have a feeling you may have missed the attachment. See the post I just
>>made for the latest one (in much detail).
> Alex,
> What I mean is to swap Part II with Part III like below:
> I. Standalone Installation Guide
> II. Deploying and Configuring, or Tomcat Administrator's Guide
> III. Installation Behind a Web Server Guide
> IV. Performance Tuning Guide
> V. Tomcat Developer's Guide (writing code for Tomcat itself)
> I treat "Installation Behind a Web Server Guide" as advanced topics.  For
> general tomcat users, they should be more interested in configuring Tomcat
> than in making it running behind web server.
> Punky

I agree with you on the motivation (that "behind" is an advanced topic), but 
I don't think that means we should automatically put it behind :-) the admin 
guide.  Instead, someone reading start to finish should be able to get an 
installation running -- perhaps skipping the Apache part if they need to -- 
*then* they can play around with administering what they've got.

It's a judgement call, and if we make them separate docs, then reordering is 

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