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From Andrej Koelewijn <>
Subject Re: What will happen to BUG #2333
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 14:04:52 GMT
Roloff, Dirk wrote:

>Hi all,
>By the way - dose anybody know a way to send a JPEG-File to the Browser
>so that _all_ browsers (MSE 5.0) will save it on disk (save as dialog)
>and do not show it in a window ?
>Setting MIME to youdonknoit/saveitondisk will not help M$ seams to look
>inside the File an recognize it as JPEG doing default -> show it. 
>Thanks an have nice day
I think sending 'content-disposition: attachment' in the http headers will
cause msie to save the file. But I'm not sure if it's supported in 5.0...


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