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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: TC4 docs - can we end this?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 08:48:27 GMT
"Rob S." wrote:
> (apologies in advance for the tone, I'm a happy person =)
> As far as Anakia is concerned, it's proven (within Jakarta), it looks a lot
> like XHTML, there's resident expertise, and TC 4 is already using it.  Of
> course I am *all for* debate, discussion, etc. but in lieu of all of the
> above, why continue dicussing it?  What's *wrong*?
> I dunno who said it, but a long time ago there's a nice quote I heard in
> English class, "The purity of a revolution lasts for about two weeks."  It
> explains what happens each time we talk about docs, a nice(r) admin UI, etc.
> It seems like people are more interested in talking about what projects to
> create, what tools to use, etc. when I *still* haven't read any comments
> about *THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTATION* aside from "TOMCAT SUCKS!" and everyone's
> agreement that the docs are in need of repair...  Not a lot of
> groundbreaking realizations left to make on those two points.

You have, of course, put your finger on the reason why so many free
software projects have sucky docs -- we'd all far rather fantasize about
high falutin tools than put finger to keyboard. Talking about the tools
is just another reason to delay writing the docs.

Anyway +1 million on getting some decent docs written. Personally I'd
find it useful if someone who is reasonably clueful on the state of TC
documentation at the moment could summarise what's out there. The TC
book project for example; where's that at?

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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