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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Project blocking problem
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 23:59:50 GMT
The version of jasper used in Tomcat 4 already solves this problem
by breaking out the jsp generated java source and class files by directory.


Glenn wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've just come to a problem using tomcat that is completely blocking my
> development.  I have a JSP in this directory:
>      \jsp\VarDep2\BR-brand-card\BR-smartcard-CardB\cardBenefits.jsp
> My HTML developers are using Windows machines.  When I generate the .class
> file from compiling the JSP I get this:
> D:\jasondev\Jakarta\tomcat322\     work\localhost_8080%2Fbap\jsp\VarDep_00032\BR_0002dbrand_0002dcard\
> BR_0002dsmartcard_0002dCardB\_0002fjsp_0002fVarDep_00032_0002fBR_0002dbrand_0002dcard_0002fBR_0002dsmartcard_0002dCardB_0002fcardBenefits_0002ejspcardBenefits_jsp_0.class
> Which appears to be breaking the 256 character file name limit under windows.  The directory
structure is very important in my design, and
> cannot be changed without destroying the value of my software.  Plus, since we're going
to production in Solaris, it's only an issue for the
> Windows people.  I need this fixed in order to support them, so I'm going to try and
open up Tomcat to fix it my self.
> I'm hoping that some of you can provide a list of places that I'll need to change things.
 I understand that this is no small undertaking,
> but putting the whole directory structure into the name can't be that great a thing to
do anyway.  (Anybody know why it's being done this
> way?)
> I really need all the help I can get.  Any suggestions (Even suggestions of a good shrink)
are appreciated.
>                               Jason
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